• What to do when wildlife moves in with you!

    What do you do when the wildlife decides that your home is comfortable for them too? In your attic, basement, crawl space, shed, or barn? Well, you need to remove them! 


    Different places have different rules about relocation of animals, so check with your city or town hall or animal control officer. The best way to catch rogue wildlife is in traps where they are not harmed. Never try to kill a wild animal, unless it is attacking you, someone else, or your animals.

    There are live capture traps that have sizes from squirrel to coyote. I have used these for squirrel control in the past and they work wonderfully after the animal ‘trusts’ the device, which can take a little time, but put in the best goodies and they flock like sheep! Be careful with skunk removal with these traps though, it can turn into a stinky situation really quickly!

    Try to set your trap along walls or places that you have seen the animal you are trying to capture. Put in some odorous food item that you know the animal cannot resist. Give it a few days for the scent of human to dissipate from the trap, making it more likely the animal will go into the trap. Patience!

    Depending on the trap size, you may accidently catch your neighbors pet, or your own, just release them as quickly as possible so you don’t traumatize them more than they already are. If you can, keep your animals away from the area to begin with. If you catch a wild animal other than your target animal, release them according to your local laws.

    Most people will be looking for traps for squirrels, since squirrels have high numbers and live very close to humans every day, even in cities, and are not shy to chew through your house vents into your attic! More than one trap may be used for the trapping of squirrels. Remember, no matter how mad you are at them, don’t kill them!

    More than squirrels, mice, and rats are the culprits for moving into your spaces uninvited. Never use rat or mouse poison. These substances are overused and kill many other animals past their target animal. If a mouse is poisoned, and an owl finds and eats it, the owl will also die. Now, say a fox or coyote comes along, they eat the owl, now the fox could die, and the coyote might not die, but would most likely become very ill. Owls, foxes, and coyotes eat mice and other small rodents. Therefore, by using poison, you are actually increasing the population of the small rodents, because you are potentially killing off all their local predators, which in turn, will make them more a nuisance for you and your neighbors. You could also inadvertently kill your own pets, or your neighbor’s pets, if they eat the poison first or second hand. In most cases turning to a professional at Chicago Squirrel Control is the safest solution. Live trapping is the most humane and legal way to control the rogue wildlife!